Analyzing current acceptance practices

Most merchants don’t know what they don’t know. While many aspects of the cost involved in processing a transaction are fixed and determined by the Networks, there are some aspects of those processing costs that you may be able to control.  The very basis of my relationship with you begins with understanding how you are processing, and what pain points you are experiencing.   Only with that critical step, can I determine ways that will not only be more cost effective, but also more operationally efficient. My end goal is to provide you with a plan of action that you and your staff can implement.

Evaluating and benchmarking processor fees

I haven’t worked with many organizations over the years that truly know what they are paying for their transactions. And when they have asked their provider why the cost is so high, they are often told “that’s a network fee that we can’t control”.  Maybe it is.  Maybe it isn’t.  I have spent a career dedicated to uncovering all the extra dollars that should be included in your profitability. If there is an excessive fee to be found, I’ll help you find it.

Evaluation of Contractual Relationship

Merchant agreements can be the cause of tremendous frustration for a variety of reasons. Navigating the contractual language that is prevalent in the merchant industry can be cumbersome to say the least.  The Bank Card Rules and Regulations drive many elements in a merchant agreement and are truly non-negotiable.  However, after years of reviewing merchant agreements, I know where to find the language that can present issues and tilt the agreement toward the side of the processor. I will work with you to create language that will be mutually equitable.

Propose and Develop Network Negotiating Strategy

After reviewing current practices, fee structures and the contractual status, acting as a genuine advocate for you begins. Utilizing a broad network of resources to make appropriate recommendations, I will assist you in positioning your business for the most favorable result.

RFP Process Management

I have responded to numerous RFP’s over the years and have an appreciation of how daunting the process can be for a merchant, as it ties up valuable resources. With a variety of pricing models, fee structures, and solution offerings, making an “apples to apples” comparison is nearly impossible for a merchant.  I can oversee the process and will provide you with an easy to understand summary of the results with an unbiased perspective. Allowing you to make a truly educated decision is the end goal.


Additional Services In Collaboration with Blackline Payments Advisors:

Develop Least Cost Routing Strategy for PIN Debit

The “Durbin Amendment rules” have provided merchants with increased flexibility. LCR can provide merchants with significant savings on their debit processing cost. BlackLine works with merchants to develop a more cost effective LCR strategy.

Visa/MasterCard Settlement Claims Monitazition

BlackLine Payments Advisors is qualified to work with claimants in the Visa/MasterCard interchange fees $5.7 billion settlement. Not only does their team have deep experience consulting with clients regarding interchange fees, the CEO Patrick Moran was responsible for setting interchange fees at Visa. Having been deposed in the class action suit, he is acutely aware of the issues regarding the settlement. The BlackLine team can guide clients in both the cash settlement class and rules settlement class to provide assistance for those looking to monetize their claims now.

Data Breach Response/Recovery

Computer hacking and identity theft are becoming more prevalent, with no signs of slowing down. Compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is not enough to prevent a breach from happening. As innovations in security continue to evolve, so do the tactics used to breach them. While a breach protection plan is a must, companies should also prepare for the inevitable. How companies respond to a breach can greatly impact customer loyalty and brand reputation.

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