It all depends on you…..
October 17, 2017
Coming to a Call Center Near You…FRAUD.
December 4, 2017

EMV Update…Where Do We Stand?

With the term “data breach” dominating the conversation over the last 18 months, EMV has quietly fallen into the background. It’s been 2 years since the liability shift for EMV and while EMV cannot prevent a breach, the potential liability exposure if you are not accepting chip cards can add insult to injury in some cases. My friends at Ingenico have provided a nice recap to show just where we stand:–Z9BSdyHytDcYb52Dk3ayGHv-LheyzjdlkHelT8V3oA81z4rrDf0szY42DuE5Wxf3_6QA4Xa2jXAdBm-KQzOEpY8kNTA&_hsmi=58826267

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